Heroes and Dragons

As you grow closer to your dream, whatever has blocked you will arise to be resolved.


I don’t know who came up with this quote, but I think they are on to something.

Trying to become who we are meant to be is hard. It is not always like the gentle unfolding that occurs between bud and bloom…Sometimes transformation is a real battlefield, complete with dragons and heroes.

The dragons show up just as new growth is dawning on the horizon… they show up spitting their fire because they feed off of mediocrity and prefer that we stay still and small …

But the heroes, they show up too . . . and the heroes are usually kind of smug… standing with their arms folded over their chest, brandishing a ‘what took you so long?’ grin as they nod in the direction of greatness and kick open the gate so that we can make our way through.

Over the last few months it has felt like I have been doing battle with an entire herd of dragons … One of the biggees was of the legal type and involved the trademark I have invested thousands of hours and even more dollars into… while a few of the other dragons have been smaller and of a more personal nature… but dragons all the same. These moments that have accumulated lately, have been some of the hardest of my life, testing my faith in the people and things of this world …but today’s quote brings me a different way of understanding the struggle:

  ‘ As you grow closer to your dream, whatever has blocked you will arise to be resolved…..’

So I guess the dragons rear up when the dream is near?… I can deal with that.

I suppose the moral to the story is this:

We all come here to cross the battle field and kick open the gate to greatness and walk through it. Getting to that gate is not easy… it’s not a lazy saunter and we rarely do it without some help from a hero or two. Personal Transformation is messy… and every last one of us fights the same battle to evolve …  and yes, the damn dragons are real…

but so are the heroes . . .

… and if you are lucky enough to have heroes who believe in you… don’t let them down.

. . . Because when one of us slays a dragon, we all slay a dragon.

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