Heart vs. Brain

Heart vs. Brain -this cartoon personifies why I will always have job security in my therapy practice. Its one of the great dilemmas of being human. I would estimate that 90% of my clientele could look at this cartoon and say  “Yep, that’s exactly why I am here in your office each week!’

Oh, how often our brain screams ‘Don’t do it!!’ and our heart beats that logic to a pulp and lunges forward. Its the stuff some of our best and worst decisions are made from. Today’s post is just for fun, but in a future Rx I will explore the truth around the brain vs.heart debate. The brain gets an awful lot of credit in our world while the heart actually holds the reins in more ways than most of us realize. The science around this fact is stunning! I know in my own life, I have learned to recognize that both my heart and my brain have a deep intelligence that serves me incredibly well when it is used in the right situation.  Where I usually run into trouble is when I try and override the system. I usually know it in my gut when I do this…I am kind of like a switch board operator who can see the green blinking light that signals ‘connect here’ and I just cannot help but move over to that red light and plug in- because it just ‘feels right.‘  Connecting the wrong lines usually does not work out very well, but sometimes I just have to learn the hard way.

Who usually wins the heart vs. brain scuffle in your life? If your brain claims victory, does remaining unscathed emotionally have a big pay off ? If you go with your heart are the bruises worth what you experience?

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  1. It’s so hard to go against your heart when you make a decision. I believe in go with your gut but it’s easier said than done. Life would have less pain if we could make decisions based on our brain.

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