Heading Home

When Ajay was born I made birth announcements that showed our 7 pound infant nestled in my husband’s arms.The wording above the image was simple: “Safe in the Arms of Love”

Today as we walked out of this Children’s Hospital it made my heart open wide to see Ajay nestled right back into those same arms. This time though, I knew without a doubt, that the phrase applied to where all three of us had spent the last few days, despite it all.

Yep, safe in the arms of love. That’s us.

 Heading Home <3

2 thoughts on “Heading Home”

  1. Know, Annette, that there re many arms of Love surrounding all of you. Climbing the mountain is often hard, but when you get there together the view will exhilarating.

  2. You and your family are such an inspiration to me. I wish ‘safe in the arms of love’ was the motto of every family.

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