Hardwired for Love


‘We are hardwired to protect those that we love.’  Louie Schwartzberg

Yesterday in the news there was a story that was a great reminder of how we are hardwired for love. It was a photo essay that showed what a lioness had done to protect her cubs- the pictures of the dramatic moments are in this link. (And don’t be afraid to look ‘cause the story has a happy ending.)

Oftentimes it is the extraordinary moments in life, like the ones in the link below, that allow us to see this hardwiring at work in the world… but I happen to think that it is love for others that installs that hardwiring in the first place.

When we love someone- whether it be our child, our mate, or a best friend, it changes us. It changes how we see the world. Even if we don’t consciously know it, we are given an instant empathic understanding that those around us love their ‘others’ with the same depth with which we cherish our beloveds. That knowing makes our humanity rise and from time to time, allows us to leap forward, on someone else’s behalf, to wrestle whatever crocodile shows up. When that hardwiring gets tripped is when we see the very best of humanity. (Ditto for the animal kingdom.)

I am convinced that once we have loved another deeply the universe sneaks a ‘just in case’ super hero cape into the back of our closets. Although we never expect to have to put those capes on, when life calls for it, many never give it a second thought.

So here’s to that super hero cape in the back of the closet- may we never need it, but the fact that it is there means we have loved deeply… which is the very best super power of them all.

 ‘We are hardwired to protect those that we love’