“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets looking for you.’ Hafiz

What a concept! Imagine happiness running down the street looking for you, while you stay huddled in a dark alley believing that is where you belong.  Sounds pretty fictional, right? Not really. How many of us buy into the ‘should not, cannot, who do you think you are?’ mentality’  Are you afraid to reach for more in the world because your inner voice chides you that what you have is enough? Are you afraid that to seek for more is greedy and unnecessary?

I spend my days listening to the inner most thoughts of others so I know firsthand, that today’s topic is not fictional for many….and the voice negating our right to bliss, is often  our very own.

Feeling like we deserve no more than what we have is far more ridiculous that believing that happiness is running through the streets looking for us. What we do with our lives is our choice… we can stay in the alley and exist, or we can venture out onto the street, and meet happiness at the crossroads.

Today, focus on the knowing that happiness is a renewable resource and there is enough of it for all of us.