‘Obstacles are not stop signs, they are just guide posts for the journey.’

I shared an interesting interaction with an Rx reader earlier this week. She had been contemplating a major life decision and was getting all sorts of encouraging feedback from the universe confirming that she was ‘on track.’ Then, all of a sudden she hit a major roadblock and had to completely change directions. She was very discouraged at this sudden turnabout and felt that perhaps she had been fooling herself into feeling guided by a higher source.

She asked, ‘Why would the universe point me toward what seemed like the right direction, only to pull the rug out from under me unexpectedly?’

Although I could completely relate to her sense of exasperation, I encouraged her to trust the universe and its motives. There have been countless times in my own life where I have been strongly guided in a one direction, only to have that direction dead-end into a massive brick wall. It used to really rattle me…but time has shown me that there is always a method to the madness, and I really do believe the universe is always conspiring for the good of us all.

Next time the universe puts an unexpected switchback on your path, consider that perhaps it’s there because there is something important for you to see on that switchback. Maybe there is an important lesson to be learned that can only be found on that unexpected terrain that you are being forced to travel.

The universe always has a plan, and whatever road trip awaits, you can be sure it has been meticulously planned with nothing but your highest good in mind.