Be A Good One!


‘Whatever you decide to be, be a good one!’ Abe Lincoln

Sometimes the Universe is so sneaky, and when it is, I just love it!  Yesterday I used this quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

‘I hope you live a life you are proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.’

Such a beautiful quote, and one that was very deserving of a bit of expounding upon by me. But truth be told, I was so exhausted by the time I sat down for my daily blog post, I could hardly focus on my task.  So there were no extra words to be shared… just a graphic and a title and I called it good.

The quote reminded me of my eldest son, and if I had possessed the energy, my words would have given a nod to him. He is an amazing human being that is lately finding his way into new and different directions in the world. These new twists to his journey make me even more proud than usual. I wanted to say this yesterday…. but I was too tired to write- in large part because I had spent the four days prior to this traveling to and from medical appointments for his little brother who takes up more than his fair share of maternal attention due to health issues that can’t be treated in our local area. Mother stealing aside, this Big brother is his Little Brother’s biggest advocate…. Another thing that makes me swell with pride.

So even though he got no airtime, yesterday when I chose that F. Scott Fitzgerald quote, it was Sutter I was thinking of. As I drifted off into a well-earned sleep, I intended to text Sutter in the morning to tell him to read my blog quote, because is was there in honor of him.

Turns out he beat me to the punch. It was just after 8:00am when my phone chirped with a text message from him. At first his early morning one liner confused me…. And then when I understood what he was saying, it made me laugh out loud….

‘You misspelled hope’ was his succinct message- replete with a little grimacing emoticon face behind it.

I had imagined the morning much differently- with  me texting him and asking him to read my blog so that I could announce in my  own special sappy way that the quote I used was for him. Before I ever even got a chance to gear up for the delivery, he was letting me know that he had already read it, and found a typo! This truly surprised me. He has a busy life and I almost always assume that the things his mother is writing about fall outside of the scope of his daily awareness. Often times he surprises me…. And on this day he did just that!

Well a typo was not all that surprising, after all, I had not written any extra words because I KNEW I was too tired to think. Despite this, my blog site demands that I give each blog a title. Wanting to expend no extra energy at all, I titled it simply ‘Hope’… or at least I thought that’s what I called it. My bleary eyes failed to see that the one word moniker that was supposed to say ‘Hope’ instead said ‘ Htpz’.  Wow, quite a hack job on a measly four-letter word… and my son and his grimacy (yes, I know, that’s not a real word) emoticon were my compassionate early morning  wake up call to clean up my little foible.

Typos aside, I think the universe was just playing match maker…. Pairing this quote with my son in a way that affirmed to me, that indeed- he is on his way to a life to be proud of. I know it, the universe knows it, and now Rx for the Soul readers know it too.

So my words may be a day late, but they are written for you my sweet son…. typos and all. I  do not tell you often enough how aware I am, that  you are living a life to be proud of. You are.

…And although F. Scott Fitzgerald said it beautifully yesterday, Abe Lincoln reminds just as well today …. whatever you decide to be, be a good one <3