The Godsmack

‘The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell, don’t go back to school.’ Rumi

On my way to work Friday morning I drove by a billboard advertising an upcoming concert in my area. It was not the event that drew my attention, but instead the name of the band that caught my eye. They were called ‘Godsmack.’ I know nothing about the band but I chuckled as I thought of all the times I had received a smack upside the head from the Universe when I need to wake up to truth in my life.  The word Godsmack seemed to fit the concept quite well.

As I drove, my busy brain flitted from the concept of a Godsmack onto the busy-ness of my day, and before I had traversed very far from that billboard I was deep in a conversation with myself that affirmed the sense of overwhelm I feel in my life. As I drove on and began to engage in a bit of self-pity I came to a four way stop sign. As I looked left, I was met with the image of a  woman walking precariously across the icy street. She was blind and was using a stick to feel her way across the slippery terrain she was traveling. I immediately felt the sting of a Godsmack,as the truth of just how easy my life is sunk in, then and there.

I smiled and thanked the universe for the Godsmack. It really didn’t sting much at all…. And I stayed wide-awake for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “The Godsmack”

  1. Perfect words! Especially at this time of year when we can get carried away with the very unimportant stuff.☃ Happy holidays to you and yours, Annette.

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