Glue Dots…

Do you ever get a moment of clarity about the quantum web that we live in? •

I have had a love affair with following the dot to dot pattern that the Universe lays out for each of us, for as long as I can remember. •

When we connect with someone Soul to Soul- it does not matter how fleeting, deep, tragic, or joyous that encounter is – in fact the encounter itself matters very little- it’s the glue dot that forms on our souls and the energy string that then exists between those dots that creates a pattern that becomes part of our Soul’s growth. (I know, spiritual glue dots sound silly….but part of being an Everyday Mystic requires using household items in your metaphors) •

So… about those glue dots…. I have collected lots of them in this incarnation, and yesterday’s ‘Momma is a Mystic’ post tugged on the energy threads of a whole bunch of them…I felt those Soul tugs as I read the comments, opened  emails, and responded to texts that many of you sent. I hope you felt some tugs on your end too. •

The space between those dots is filled with that which creates our Soul Family – and the ability to recognize the connection is a gift.

You know who you are…

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