Getting Served

 ‘Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” Robert Louis Stevenson

I have a confession to make. I was inspired to use yesterday’s beautiful Zen quote about doing nothing, by a colleague of mine who spent the week being horribly wronged by one of her superiors who I will call Mr. Wonderful.  Her ability to seek higher ground and not take the bait this louse was dangling in front of her was very inspirational- truly I was in awe.  As her week bore down upon her we talked every single morning. With each call she reported worse and worse behavior on this individual’s part.

This colleague is also a dear friend, and one of the most evolved people I know. The situation that surrounded her mistreatment was complex and had been a long time coming so she knew that the events that were transpiring were not just happenstance. There was a deep spiritual lesson in the works. Her entire being was committed to staying still and quiet and letting the universe do its work (While I was busy writing yesterday’s blog about the Zen proverb, she was busy living it.)

Being the elevated spirit that she is, she was waiting for the grass to grow. Me, on the other hand? Well, I was doing nothing of the sort. Each day as she gave me her update, I was about as quiet as an air horn at full tilt as I spewed poorly strung together expletives into the ethers in her defense. We both laughed at my ability to be a surrogate for her anger… Honestly it is not an exaggeration to say I was spitting mad.

So… she was quiet and contemplative, while yours truly was protective like a Mama Bear. We both however, agreed on one thing; there was nothing that needed to be done (my spewing aside) because the Universe is always perfect in its reflection and response to everything.  That being said, and taking today’s quote into consideration, I don’t think either one of us expected Mr. Wonderful’s dinner to be served quite so quickly.

Yesterday, in the town I live in, there were gale force winds. They were being clocked at anywhere between 60- 80 miles an hour for most of the day. Around noon my phone chimed with an incoming text message from my dear persecuted soul sister.

“You are not going to believe this- but Mr. Wonderful just got a call from Mrs. Wonderful. Apparently the roof to his home has started to blow off. He just scrambled out of the office to go home and see if he can get a repair man out before the whole thing goes.”

I hate to admit it, but I felt so happy as I read her text I actually got the tingles. I could barely stand the thought of that little $!%#@* rushing home to see his roof hanging on by a thread while Mother Nature did her thing.  Of course a volley of text messages were exchanged as we affirmed the utter brilliance of the universe. But lo and behold… Karma, it appears, was not just serving up a one-course meal.  Within the next hour word came into the office that a blowing chunk of debris had taken out the headlight of Mr. Wonderful’s car while he was on his way home to fix the roof, and not long after that he called into the office again…. this time to see if anyone there could find his cell phone which had gone missing.  He apparently had left it in his (locked) desk drawer which no one else could access. By the time he was done repairing his roof and could retrieve it, the building would be locked for the weekend. Seems poor Mr. Wonderful was going to be incommunicado for a few days.

I am sure I incurred some second-generation karma with my gloating, but knowing that Mr. Wonderful got his just reward was priceless. And at the end of the day, this little cosmic recipe belongs only to him… He put the order in with his behavior, and as soon as he did so, Karma got busy in the kitchen… and how sweet it was to see him get served. Bon Appetite Big Guy 🙂

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    1. Learning is always better when we can laugh as we go! Thanks for joining in on the fun. I love the fact that Mr. Wonderful has proven himself to be such a worthy blog topic. That makes his missing roof all the funnier!

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