Following the (M)asses

Be careful of following the masses- Sometimes the ‘M’ is silent…

Truth telling time… I have become largely social media avoidant… FB, Twitter and Instagram are no more than a flicker on the radar of my personal life daily, and posting here at Rx for the Soul has become something that I have to really practice self discipline in order to do. Averting my life away from social media has been a very positive choice for me….. but social media is largely where my readers live… so if I want to reach you I need to come here….

Yesterday’s post was the first in a while, and it was popular. Very popular…a grand reminder that the Rx’ers of this world are a loyal tribe and when I show up you do too. After many months of sporadic and infrequent posts, anytime I show up, you meet me. Thank you for that – your loyalty has me typing away again now… but underneath the tap, tap, tapping of keys I am still social media avoidant at heart.

Why? Well, delivering delicate messages to the world on social media platforms feels risky these days- because we live in a volatile world… and virtual forms of communications can take on a life of their own…. and once a tweet or a post or a ‘gram’ becomes rancid (read: unpalatable to the world) there is no stopping the schitt storm that will ensue. Lives can be forever changed due to a hastily typed musing… sometimes 140 characters or less.
And sometimes the negative consequences that arise are well deserved…. but there is still something about the scorched earth kind of aftermath that kind of takes the breath away….

Social media can be a battle ground – a literal place of war where legions of people insult one another with a last man standing mentality… but rather than just accept this, I am trying to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be this way….. and if we stop following the masses it will begin to change.

We all just need to be nice humans…
Every last one of us.

We need to do the best we can-
not sometimes, but every day.

If we screw up we need to say sorry.
If we screw up we need to say sorry.
If we screw up we need to say sorry.

The end.

Be careful of following the masses- Sometimes the ‘M’ is silent….

… a sly reminder of how we can end up feeling, when we blindly follow someone else’s lead, without first making sure that they are heading in the right direction.

An honest mistake made on our own is one thing, but following along with someone else’s poor judgment simply because we never bothered to take a moment to think for ourselves is what makes the ‘M’ become silent.

Be careful of following the masses- Sometimes the ‘M’ is silent…