Finding Poetry


‘You will find poetry nowhere, unless you bring some of it with you.’  Joseph Joubert

I am a fan of taking the back roads whenever my life allows. In the town where I live, there are a series of small tree lined roads that wind through large parcels of land. When I take this route, even though it encompass just a few miles that can be traversed in mere moments, if I keep my eyes open, life always offers me a poem.

Yesterday was a back road day and the universe did not disappoint.  As I traveled along this quiet route, a familiar truck pulled onto the road in front of me. I recognized the vehicle as belonging to an older couple that have been family friends for generations. One half of this couple was diagnosed with a serious illness several years ago, and I know there have been many months of downtime involved in the healing process.  As I pulled my car closer behind them, I could see the two figures side by side in the truck cab, talking and laughing as they traveled on their way. As they turned off onto another road and disappeared from my view I smiled at their little victory- a quiet drive with the one you love…  Poetry in motion as the saying goes….


Always bring poetry with you…. And then you will find it everywhere you go.