How Far . . .

‘I am driven by two main philosophies; to know more about the world than I knew yesterday, and to lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.’

I had a long chat with my web designer yesterday. She has been watching us here at Rx for the Soul for a few months now, and it seems that she has come to the conclusion that we (me and you) are a unique bunch. Part of her job is to help me learn how to ‘market’ my site so that someday, my real job will be here at Rx for the Soul, instead of at an office across town. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that from her very ‘consumer knowledgeable’ perspective… I am screwed.  Empty bank account aside, I loved hearing this. It tells me that what I create here each day is not a product for consumption. Exactly!!!!!

Of course I would love to make Rx for the Soul my livelihood, but it is really no surprise that it is not shaping up that way.  Today’s quote does not come from me, but it sure could have. I share Neil Degrasse Tyson’s basic philosophy- and Rx for the Soul gives me a way to live it in a larger way than I have ever been able to before.

It may not get me a paycheck…. but  Mr. Tyson is right when he says ‘You’d be surprised at how far that gets you….’    Rx for the Soul and each of you who join me here each day take me farther than any amount of commerce ever could. Thank you 🙂

…And I will get that paycheck thing figured out, too. Later this year I will be publishing an Rx for the Soul book that will contain 100 Prescriptions for the Soul, comprised from the most popular Rx’s from last year. So any of you who are looking for a contained version of the energy that arrives via Rx for the Soul each day, stay tuned…

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