‘And just as a pearl forms in response to an abrading grain of sand. It is faith that forms around  our suffering, to shield the soft places in our soul.’   Annette Childs

Today’s quote comes from my first book, ‘Will You Dance?’ In this book I tell the story of three mysterious hooded beings who arrive on the doorstep of our lives. Their names are CHANGE, LOSS, and FEAR. Although they are the visitors that none of us want, they each bear a gift which we must be willing to receive. It sometimes takes weeks, months, or even years to accept these gifts, but once we do there is always another knock at the door. This time when we open the door we are met with yet another trio of hooded beings. Their names are HOPE, FAITH, and JOY. We learn to see that these three visitors, can only arrive after their traveling companions, CHANGE, LOSS, and FEAR have traveled ahead and made a place for them.

Today’s quote tells of the gift that FAITH brings to us…. the pearl of great price. Without it, these lives we have are awfully hard to get through…yet to find it we often have to let CHANGE , LOSS, and FEAR take us to the depths where these pearls of great price are found.