Expect a Miracle

 “I am realistic. I expect a miracle” Wayne Dyer

 As many of you are aware, Dr. Wayne Dyer transitioned this past weekend. He was a beloved mentor, teacher, and healer to many of us and his presence on the planet will be sorely missed by many.

I had always followed his work and teachings but several years ago he really piqued my interest when he shared a healing experience he had had with Brazilian healer named Joao Teixera de Faria, more commonly known as ‘John of God.’ This was a healer I had watched from a distance for a while, but the things I heard about him exceeded even my rather elongated boggle point.

However, when I heard that Wayne Dyer would be on the Oprah Winfrey show discussing how he was healed from leukemia after a ‘remote healing’ with John of God, I made it a point to tune in.

After watching the interview, I was open. My respect for Wayne was great enough that if he endorsed these healings, I was willing to test the waters of my faith with them as well. A few months after watching that interview found me face to face with John of God. In the last three years I have traveled to Canada, Brazil, and New York to be in his presence…. And each time has brought bona fide miracles into my life.

It was my faith in Wayne Dyer that tipped me over the edge of doubt, and allowed me to step toward the unknown and into a land of miracles of the sort I never knew existed before this.

Yesterday, Wayne Dyer’s family put a beautiful personal message up on his Facebook page. It was startling in its transparency. They were sharing the coroner’s report on their beloved. They wanted the many legions of people who followed Wayne’s healing journey to know, that the coroner found ‘not one trace of leukemia’ in his body. He died of a heart attack. I smiled as I read this, and was flooded with gratitude that his family had shared this bit of information with the masses. I know how much the healing work of John of God has changed my perspective on reality, and I hoped this bit of confirmation about Wayne’s healing journey might do the same for others who had doubts about the purported miracles that occur in the presence of John of God. There is no doubt that Wayne’s healing process was a multi-layered phenomenon, but somewhere in the mix, I am sure was the divine healing energy that radiates from the one known as John of God.

Thank you Dr. Dyer for giving me a reason to trust. Your healing journey with John of God was a big part of what allowed me to start my own. Thank you for helping me to be realistic and reminding me… that being realistic, means to expect a miracle.

4 thoughts on “Expect a Miracle”

  1. All we whose lives have been transformed by John of god and the casa de Dom Inacio rejoice in the Dyer family’s generosity to share this essential information, and I bless you for carrying it forward.

    1. I first heard about John of God last September (2014) and decided to see him after watching youtube videos of Oprah and Wayne Dyer. I met Annette because of her connection to John of God. I am so grateful for those who are willing to speak up and be mentors and colleagues for the rest of us as we journey.

      1. Thank you Karen. Speaking up about it has brought scorn from a few. I try never to begrudge anyone their opinions and I never push anyone to adopt my beliefs- but at the same time, never speaking about my personal experience seems like a betrayal to the nature of what this work represents. I am candid when I can be, and silent more often. It is work that opens the heart and the eyes… and sometimes I just have to say so!! Blessings to you!

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