Energy Hack


‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant.’ Einstein

In the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, I woke with a startle, thinking that ‘someone was in my blog’ – meaning that I felt that my Rx for the Soul website was being hacked. Even though my rational mind begged me to close my eyes and go back to sleep, my intuition was so strong that I got out of bed and spent the next 3 hours copying and pasting the content from my website into a secure file for safe keeping.

Midway through this task, I sent a text message to the young woman (Elise) that I wrote about a few months back, who headed to Spain for a Semester away. The time difference has made it difficult to synch our communications, but my being up in the middle of the night offered the perfect way to send her a well timed mid morning hello. As her and I exchanged text messages, she asked why I was up at such an hour. I explained to her that I had a sense that someone was trying to hack my blog and I wanted to secure some things. … I tell you all of this because she is my witness 😉

So around 3am I finished my self styled grass roots security measures and went to bed. Six hours later, when I got to my office, I logged into my computer and tried to access my blog- to no avail. Shortly thereafter I got a notice from my website master that during the night they had done some upgrading on their server, and my site had experienced some complications due to this upgrade. It took most of the day to get things fixed.

Ha! I had to laugh at the accuracy of my gut instinct- although it was not a hacker, there was actually someone ‘in my blog’ during the night. I have always felt that my words at Rx for the Soul are an extension of who I am, and when I bolted upright awake- that is just the sensation that I had- that someone was in my sacred space.

My intuitions are usually accurate, but there is always some slight misinterpretation (like me thinking there was a hacker.) The Universe always throws in a little twist- some corner that my inner eye cannot quite see around. This is a phenomenon I have observed my whole life and I always think that there must be purpose in it; perhaps the Fates hold a bit of the picture back so that the future can stay soft, so there is always room for change…

Inner vision may not always be 20/20, but when we are willing to look with they eyes of the mind, there will always be something there to see <3

How often do you see or sense something coming in your world, and then it occurs in a slightly different way than you intuited?