Empty and Full


‘I have a simple philosophy: Fill what is empty. Empty what is full. Scratch where it itches.’  Alice Roosevelt Longworth

I love this quote-and although it makes perfect sense if it is read lightly and taken literally – it really packs a punch when we sit with its deeper meaning. It reminds us, quite simply to do what needs doing…

Life is complicated- for everyone- regardless of who we are and how our story looks to the outside world.  For most of us, there are more tasks than time to do them – and we are all master brokers of either giving or denying ourselves to the people and things around us.

There is no handbook that teaches us how to navigate these lives we are given- but if we stick to the simplicity that is expressed in this quote- and just do what needs doing- we may find that our  peace grows and that the unnecessary things of this world fall away.

2 thoughts on “Empty and Full”

  1. That’s wonderful, Doctor. When I was young I used to have an acquaintance who always said “Scratch where it itches, even if it’s in your britches.” Hah! Now I know where he got his wisdom.

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