Driving in the Snow

‘Everything teaches- not everyone learns.’ Rachel Naomi Remen

I was out driving in an early morning snow storm yesterday. The roads were really slippery so being the big ninny I am, I was doing my usual; sit up straight, hands at 10 and 2 defensive snow driving. (Others would call this granny driving)

As I tootled along, my trip down this icy road became a metaphor for two things I often explore here at Rx for the Soul- Power and Control.

The lesson on power came from the driver of a big four wheel drive truck who sped needlessly right up to the bumper of another car. He then dramatically swerved around them. His display of bravado caused him to fish tail and he almost caused an accident. It was a great example of misuse of power. But of course, misuse of power does not only occur to those with big trucks in snow storms- we all have our own private ways of misusing power everyday- and when we are lucky, life offers us a little fish tail swerve as a warning, before we ever really crash.

After watching this display of power, I continued to make my way toward my destination. A little rattled by what I had observed I was driving defensively.  Even though I was being hyper-vigilant, it was abundantly clear that the only thing within my control was me- I could notice other drivers all I wanted, but the only thing I could truly control was myself and my own actions.  – And the more I paid attention to others, the less aware I was of my own place on the road. It was a great reminder to notice others, but to focus on myself.

A snowy day made all of this wisdom about Power and Control stand out- but the same teachings are present on clear days too.

 Rain or shine, the universe teaches- but its always up to us, how much we choose to learn.