Dream Big

‘Dare to dream big…..’

We should all allow ourselves to dream big, but we should also pay close attention to the big dreams of others too.

We are big sports fans at my house and today’s thoughts were inspired by the way I felt watching last night’s National Championship Basketball game.

I am always filled with such a sense of awe when I see any human being reach for their own highest potential and find it. Watching someone else do that reminds me that I too can do that- and so can all of the people I love.

We should all take voyeurism quite seriously…. Take your mind out of the gutter, what I mean is that we should all be very conscious of the imagery we pay attention to in life.

The feel good that comes from watching someone else (i.e. an elite athlete) attain ‘IT” is not simply a weak voyeuristic thrill.  Our brains are like little pharmacies sitting in our skulls. When we watch someone achieve their dream and have an emotional response to it, our bodies send armies of feel good chemicals streaming into our blood stream. And science says that at a cellular level, our bodies don’t know the difference between what is occurring on TV and what is occurring in real time in our lives. In other words, when someone else gets the ‘win’…. We do too!  When we watch someone else’s dreams come true we get more residual goodness from it that we may ever know.

So Dare to Dream Big… and when you give your attention away, make sure you give it to others who dream big too.