The Doors of Perception

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” – Aldous Huxley 


Imagine that perception is like an elixir that we all drink anew each morning. It comes in every flavor, hue, and texture- and has the ability to alter everything we see, hear, and experience just like a psychedelic. If this were true we could all look forward to a pretty unpredictable journey through this world, right? In a metaphorical sense it is true, because we all drink the elixir or perception every day; and as we swallow it down it takes us on a good trip or a bad trip. One gulp and down the proverbial rabbit hole we go.

Where we are in our own minds has a very strong influence on how we perceive the actions of others. When our inner fortitude has been weakened we are more likely to sense failure, attack, and all manner of negative assaults coming from the world at large around us…and the more we perceive these things, the more reactive (inwardy or outwardly) we become.

I have had a simple situation in my own life lately that has really re-affirmed this to me. Several months ago I decided to deactivate my personal Facebook account (gasp!)  As time has moved forward friends and family have begun to realize that I no longer show up as one of their ‘Facebook friends.’  There has been a variety of reaction and the culprit to how everyone feels is me and my perceived motivation. Some have been haughty and offended, they demand to know what they did to be ‘unfriended’. Others have been meek and apologetic and some have been vulnerable, telling me how my decision has hurt their feelings. All of these feelings- mad, meek, sad… they are based on perception. The truth is very simple and inoffensive to all; I de-activated my Facebook account so I could spend less time looking at still shots of life, and more time interacting with the warm bodies around me who I love and cherish.

It’s been a great reminder of what Aldous Huxley correctly pointed out. ‘In between what is known and unknown, are the doors of perception.’

It is our work to keep that doorway clean -so that when truth comes around the corner…our perceptions can politely step aside.