Be Done with All the Rest

Fill your heart with what’s important, and be done with all the rest

Late last week our entire life got delivered to us out of the back of a large moving truck. Happy chaos, but still chaos. By Sunday we had barely made a dent in the hundred or so boxes that lay strewn about- and there was not a semblance of organization to be found anywhere.

That being said, I invited a dozen people over for dinner on Sunday night….  Why would I do that to myself? It had nothing much to do with me, and instead had everything to do with the two people I love most in this world aside from my husband and children. My mom and dad have birthdays just two days apart, so a yearly joint birthday celebration is something that has been happening for as long as I can remember.  A house full of boxes was not going to interrupt the tradition…. Unpacking can wait… but time spent with the ones we love is a luxury we should never pass up.

Having just the right designer touches is not the aesthetic that matters to me- what fills a home with beauty is the laughter of those inside.

Having all of our belongings neatly put away in their places matters not…. What will make our house a home, is the presence of love…

Love and beauty- two things that I was lucky enough to grow up with and hope to always be awake enough to pass on and pass down to those who share my world.

…So even when there are boxes to unpack and pictures to hang…  fill your heart with what’s important and be done with all the rest.