Dirty Feet

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi offers sage advice with today’s quote. There are many ways that our minds get soiled by the dirty feet of those around us. Anytime we dip down into someone else’s negative space with our attention, there is some psychic dirt left behind. When this energetic transmission takes place we feel soiled by the heavy thoughts that someone else has released. Energy is every bit as real as matter and we should react to this dirty energy the same way we react to any other kind of dirt. In the energy world, intention is everything so it is common practice for those who are energy savvy to go through their days in a perpetual state of personal housekeeping.

As a young woman in my early 20’s I got a potent lesson on this topic. I was new into my career of working with the dying and I had just left the family of a young man who had just died. It had been a difficult circumstance, and I was shaken by it. As was typical, I sought some solace at my favorite metaphysical bookstore. I am sure I kept the owner of said store in business, it was my frequent retreat as I worked diligently to expand my spiritual wisdom to support the often very difficult life lessons I was learning.  The owner of the bookstore was quite gifted psychically and she often offered bits of insight to me about the world of energy. On this day, when I walked in, she looked up and said rather bluntly, ” Why so dark?”  Her question surprised me because I had felt instantly lighter as I walked in the door.  Over the course of the next several minutes she correctly identified many of the emotions that I had just been sitting in the presence of.  She gave me a wonderful lesson on energy cleansing and gave me several pieces of advice that I still use to this day. She suggested that anytime I had been exposed to the very heavy emotions of others, that once the meeting was over, that I wash my hands with the clear intention that I was washing off not just the germs and dirt of this world, but also any soiled energy that I had picked up. She taught me to intend that by washing my hands, I was washing my entire energy field. This was the first energetic housekeeping skill I was ever given, and it is one I still employ on a daily basis.

Next time someone walks through your mind with their dirty feet make sure you follow behind them with your symbolic broom and dustpan. It’s ok to be a good listener as long as there are no energy footprints that get left behind.