Growth is tender… and requires time in the dirt.

I dug this video out this morning. I created it almost two years ago- and as I watched it, I could see the growth cycle has come and gone many times in my own life.  I no longer have the back yard that it was filmed in, and that cute little puppy that was bouncing around my lap is now a long and lanky young adult dog.

Time marches on and just like the video says- growth is hard- some things bloom while others whither away. My own words made me look squarely at all that has bloomed and withered in my own life over the last few years. The blooms have been phenomenal- but a few of the withers have taken me by surprise.

The words sure hit home today, and even though it was me who said them two years ago, that woman speaking is a stranger to me. I am not her anymore. Yep, that younger, skinnier chick in the pink shirt she got planted face down in the dirt more than a few times in the last two years- but it’s all good- because the green shoots are poking through again. The growth cycle of this Universe demands it.

If you have spent some time in the dirt, accept it for what it is- early growth- and remember the blooms are coming.