Destiny…Loud or Quiet?

‘If destiny did not want me to be a writer, then it should not have made me one.’ Elizabeth Gilbert
I love this quote so much. It fits my life perfectly- the written word has always been that ‘something’ that I just cannot stay away from. One might suppose that the fact I have written four books would cool my writing jets a bit, but these past contributions to the written word do nothing to quell my sense of angst if I have been away from the keyboard for more than a few days’ time. (I am inconsistent as a writer here for no other reason than life runs me hard all day and usually puts me to sleep before I can tap out the days stories that have been written in my head and push send. The words are all there, I just fall asleep before they find their way to my keyboard.)
Destiny can be glorious and apparent, or it can be quiet and shy. Following a Destiny does not always mean that our career or some other circumstance needs to change ‘out there’ in the world. Sometimes Destiny is an inside job.
Regardless of whether it is inner or outer oriented in our lives, we always have the ability to keep our destinies alive – even if it is a side hustle. (I spend a heck of a lot more time writing psychological reports each week than I do writing the lyrical words my soul wants to write- but my ‘day job’ does not replace or even reduce my destiny.) And do not get me wrong- I am grateful for my day job- the artist in me needs it?
I have learned to trust that Destiny is patient. It sits quietly beside me until what is necessary is done, and then it reaches out to nudge me- reminding me that it would not have made me a writer if I was not supposed to be one.
So, back to today’s quote- if you change the words up a little bit – I am certain, it will fit your life, too.
If destiny did not want you to be a ____________, then it should not have made you one.
We all have that something that we are wired for… The thing that makes our soul sing, our eyes light up, and everything in our world feel alright.
What thing did destiny put inside of you? ….
Figure this out, and then go out into the world (loud or quiet) and be that…
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