Destiny and Determination

Destiny has a lot to do with it but so do you. You have to persevere. You have to insist.’  Andre Bocelli

These words would be powerful regardless of who said them, but the fact that these words about Destiny and Perseverance were stated by a man who has been completely blind since the age of twelve adds to their power immensely. Imagine standing before tens of thousands of people unable to see any of them, unable to even check your own reflection in the mirror before you get in front of them, and being denied the ability to see the joy your performance brings to their faces.  Certainly destiny had a hand in Andrea Bocelli’s talent but his perseverance has played at least an equal part. Impressive, isn’t it?

Even if we are lucky enough to stumble onto our given destiny, this is just half the journey. I had uncanny insight into my destiny from a very young age (as a child I wanted to write books and be a doctor) but this insight has only been half the equation. And even though I have thus far managed to meet my destiny … I am acutely aware of the determination that will be necessary to stay the course… Determination not just for a few days, or  a few months, but every day, of every month of every year.

Writing is a  destined place for me – I am able to write entire books with ease, and I have been blessed with accolades and a faithful readership… but I have learned that arriving at a destined place is not a resting point. The opposite is actually true. Even though I have worked my whole life to get to this very point…upon arrival I have found the great irony that what is waiting for me… is more work. Yes, destiny sits coyly there in front of me, but I must keep moving toward her relentlessly...

Not to reach her, but just to merely keep her in my sights.

Each day I become more aware of my blind spots…. and I understand at a much deeper level that even though destiny is in my favor, favor is not going to be enough. I am going to have to insist. And when I am done insisting today, I need to wake up and insist again tomorrow.

You and I are not so different from Andrea Bocelli. We each have a destiny that sits quietly inside of us- and we each have our blind spots that we must find a way to compensate for.

Perseverance is that ‘something’ that we must pull up from the deepest parts of ourselves in order to claim what we are destined for in this world. What is your destiny? What are your blind spots? When has sheer perseverance moved you forward toward the larger moments of your life?