“It is just as cowardly to judge the absent, as it is wicked to strike  the defenseless.”   G. Lovasik

I know this quote is not the most poetic I have ever chosen, but it sure is thought provoking. In the virtual age that we live in, the amount of judgment and negative commentary that comes from afar is astounding. In a matter of minutes, a public figure can receive thousands of rants, put downs, or even threats- and every word is instantly viewable to the entire world. That is social vulnerability at its finest- and this high level of vulnerability has certainly fed the cowards of the world who boldly spew their  negative opinions to the masses -from the safety of their very own keyboards.

As I began my search for a quote today, I typed these words into the search bar:  ‘judging someone from afar.‘  I was inspired toward this topic by a wonderful article I had just read about the public outcry that the actress Renee Zellweger’s ‘startling’  facial appearance had recently created. For the record, I think the public outcry is ridiculous… but what I do find great worth in, is Ms. Zellweger’s handling of it. The article quoted her response to the uproar- and her statement was stunning and elevated. The author of the article took it from there and did a beautiful job of redirecting attention to a few other places that, unlike Renee Zellweger’s facial appearance , are perhaps deserving of humanity’s attention right now. That article held the best message I can offer today,  so please read on…