Come out of the Masses

‘Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.’ Osho

In my many years as a therapist to those facing hard transitions, I have often seen how a life crisis precedes one’s ability to live according to the wisdom of today’s quote.

Coming out of the masses is hard; scary in fact, but a life crisis can often propel us to a place where the masses no longer matter. Once the masses are far behind us, in the quiet of our own being we can begin the process of sifting through a broken life. As we re-assemble the pieces of our world, we find the strength to stand up and look toward the future….and we do stand alone like a lion.  Those first steps toward a new horizon are always taken according to our own light. There is a beauty in this process, but there is also another way.

We do not have to wait for a crisis, a heartbreak, or a loss, to extricate us from the masses. We are free to step away any moment we choose. Why wait for the path of crisis to lead us into living according to our own light, when the path of grace sits before us each and every day- leading to this same destination?