Climb Don’t Carry…


‘These mountains that you are carrying –you were only supposed to climb.’ Najwa Zebian


This quote is a great reminder of what can happen if we become so mesmerized with a problem that we forget to take action. If we spend too much time looking at what is wrong- instead of getting outside of it, beneath it, or on top of it… we create a burden to be carried instead of a problem to be solved.

Admittedly – reflection before action is always wise- and most of us do have to stare down an issue for a while before we can figure out what to do with it- but when we lock eyes with a difficulty for too long, sometimes we forget that the stare down is meant to be temporary. And forgetting this is a dangerous thing- within the forgetting is the tendency to inadvertently pick the issue up and start to carry it with us.

Do you have a mountain within you today, that was meant to be climbed instead of carried?

Drop it… and start your ascent. There is no time like the present…..