‘ Energy is the currency of the universe. When  you PAY attention to something, you BUY that experience.’ Emily Maroutian

Today’s quote is brand new to me but already ranks as a favorite. This is the perfect way to think about how we invest our energy and attention. Last week was a perfect example of this truth.

I am in the process of finally completing my fourth book (I swear!) It is being printed right now, and will be released in June- finally! …It is called Soul Messenger:A true Story that Transcends the Space between Life and Death.

So of course I have been absorbed in its topic, which is After Death Communications (ADC’s). During two separate therapy sessions last week, very clear (and very unsolicited) ADCs occurred for two of my clients. They had both originally sought me out for grief therapy but their losses happened several years ago, so these recent sessions were intended to be much more general in nature. They were not seeking ADC’s and I was not intending to be a messenger. No matter! The communications delighted but surprised them as much as me.

Even though I was surprised, I immediately understood the energy dynamic that was at work, which is perfectly reflective of today’s quote. As I have worked to put the finishing touches on this new book, my thoughts have been invested in all things ADC… so it is no great surprise that the universe has been giving little payouts! Cha-ching!!!

Our mental investments of today, become the energy dividends of tomorrow.