Can’t Go Back

‘I can’t go back to yesterday- because I was a different person then.’ Lewis Carroll

 This quote reminds me of something I heard Deepak Chopra say at a live lecture I was fortunate enough to attend in 1993.  This is Dr. Chopra’s quote from the transcript of that lecture…

‘According to radioactive isotope studies, you replace almost your entire body in one year. Ninety-eight percent of all the atoms in your body are replaced in less than one year.

 You literally make a new liver every six weeks, a new skin once a month, a new stomach lining every five weeks, a new skeleton every three months, the brain cells every year and the DNA (which holds the memory of millions of years of evolution) comes and goes every six weeks. If you want to account for every atom in the body, it is all replaced in less than two years. If you think you are your physical body, you certainly have a problem. Which one are you talking about?

What happened to the body from last year? It went back to the dust from whence it came. It’s dead, and yet “I” haven’t died.’  Deepak Chopra

The moment I heard this wisdom, it made its home deep within me and it has lived there ever since- and my heartfelt advice it this: let it live within you as well.

This truth allows us to let our yesterdays go, so that our todays can thrive, and our tomorrows can incubate.

 It is true- you can’t go back to yesterday, because you were a different person then.