Camping with Destiny

” Though destiny a hundred times waylays you, in the end it pitches a tent for you in Heaven.” Rumi

This is my new favorite quote. Such a beautiful  and powerful reminder that there is always a higher order to things, even when we cannot see it. I have learned that the most painful place to be is in the front row of the theater that is showing a film called The Little Picture.  (This is the film that YOU write, direct and star in.)

In my life, the Little Picture  never stays in focus or sticks to the script I have written, and the more I watch itthe worse I feel. Despite trying very hard to stay out of the Little Picture theater, I still unwittingly wander in and take a seat more than I care to admit. I usually do not realize that is where I am until I notice disappointment sitting next to me enjoying it’s usual well buttered bag of popcorn.

Getting myself back into the Big Picture theater makes all the difference in the world. When I keep my eyes on the Big Picture I feel peaceful even when the things in my life are not so peaceful.  Watching the Big Picture unfold is pure enjoyment…in part because I am a mere spectator. You see, the Big Picture is written and directed by the Universe, and in the Big Picture, I am not the star (gasp); I am just a simple supporting cast member to the headliner who goes by the name ‘Destiny.’

How long do you stay in the ‘Little Picture” theater before realizing that there is a bigger show going on outside of the one you have written in your mind?