Birds of a Feather…

I love this quote – a quiet message is so much more powerful than one that has to be shouted. I am not much for shouting- but sometimes you have to raise your voice a bit to be heard above the crowd. What follows is my version of raising my voice…

My hope is that these Daily Rx for the Soul offerings are becoming a lighthouse of sorts for you. There is so much more light out there that can shine through- and as this site grows, I will have the ability to offer you many more interactive tools. Webinars, audio downloads, new e-books etc. The more Rx for the Soul grows, the more I will have to offer.

My goal is to help you grow your soul- and I will share freely with you, every iota of wisdom I have gathered in my 46 years. What I need from you, is for you to share the Daily Rx for the Soul with anyone you can that might benefit from its message. I have a saying that I have lived my life by and it is something I believe to the very depths of my being.  “When one of us breaks, we all break. When one of us heals, we all heal.”  When I touch your soul- believe me, you touch mine right back. The give and take nature of healing interactions create what scientists call a ‘Resonant Field’ – what it means is that when one of us manages to break free and fly above the clouds- it makes it much, much easier for the rest of us to follow right behind. Think of a flock of Geese flying through a storm. There is always one goose at the apex of the flock- that lone bird cuts through the atmosphere and creates an opening. That opening insures that every bird behind the first, has an easier flight. Perhaps these Rx’s sit at the apex of your flight- its a place I am comfortable being on most days. The cyber world, however, is not the atmosphere I fly strongest in – and its where I could use others to create the opening. You can help do this by:

  • Sharing  Rx for the Soul with anyone that you think may want to join in our migration.
  • Signing up to receive the daily dose in your inbox each day (Go the the Prescription tab above)
  • Liking the Daily Rx for the Soul page on Facebook and inviting your friends to like it and share it as well.

The more of us that fly- the farther we can all go <3