Beautiful Mess. . .

Embrace the imperfections, the chaos, the holy mess of your beautiful life.

I was reminded of this quote the other day when delivering our son to an event.  As he opened the car door to make his get-away, an empty Gatorade bottle bounced out with him and rattled out into the street. I am sure that the sound of that plastic bottle bouncing was not as loud in the outside world as it seemed to me, but even if it was, C’est la vie. In our family, we always seem to be spilling over the edges a little bit… and I have learned to embrace the wisdom that a good life, is also a messy, slightly chaotic life.

Neat and tidy is great, but it is really kind of a dead-end when it comes to growth.

In the real world, a little chaos has its place…. because transformation is messy- and we don’t get to new growth without some degree of death and decay… just look toward mother nature for the reminder on this.

Stop waiting for perfect and instead embrace these messy, imperfect, unpredictable lives we are given. They may not always be neat and tidy, but they are always evolving- and what is messy today, may very well be beautiful tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Mess. . .”

  1. Well said Annette. Your smile up on my computer screen today and I wanted to read a little something about you. Incredible work dear.

    With gratitude,

    Brian Kaskie

    1. Annette Childs, Ph.D.

      Aw! Thank you Brian! It is always so great to re-connect with an old friend! Hope all is well in your world!!

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