Bad Decisions…

‘Bad decisions make the best stories.’

This quote always makes me smile. Although I am not a fan of bad decisions, I do have to agree they make great stories. If I am going to go through the drudgery of a bad decision, you can be certain that I will turn it into a good story. There is nothing more healing than using my foibles to bring a smile or a lesson to someone else.

When we make a bad decision and try to hide it from others or push it out of our own minds with denial, we miss the only silver lining that there is in a bad decision. If we can make meaning out of our struggle- we can grow from it. That in itself makes a bad decision, if not worthwhile, at least tolerable. At some point I think most of us realize that all we have are our stories- they tell us who we are- and best of all give us a chance to become someone new each and every day.

Can you think of a bad decision that made for a great story? Did the power of that story off-set the pain of the bad decision?