An Argument for Keeping your Peace of Mind

I have an acquaintance who loves to make provocative statements to others…Like a fisherman dangling a line, he will intentionally bait people toward things he knows will upset them. I have gotten to observe this from a distance for a long time, but recently the line was cast into my pond.  I have to admit, I nibbled just a little bit- but in the end, did not take the bait.

The wise among us pick our battles. Its a concept that is common logic but none of us can be reminded of this wisdom too many times. It never matters how ‘right’ we may be about a topic…. if we engage in an argument we always lose something… at the very least our peace of mind.  The spoils of ‘being right’ are often short lived. They don’t nourish us for long and always have a consequence.  However, walking away from a potential argument with our peace of mind intact will always fill us in a way that nothing else can.

1 thought on “An Argument for Keeping your Peace of Mind”

  1. I witness this in my job with a particular employee, it almost gives this person energy a high I don’t think I every seen before. The energy can be spent on something or someone so much more important. It’s almost a addiction.

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