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Please send a message using the contact form on the page to book a free 15 minute consultation call. This pre-scheduled complimentary 15 minute phone consultation is the perfect way to see if Care Companions, LTD, is a fit for your family This consult does not include advice, referral, or clinical discussion. It is general in nature and will not last longer than 15 minutes..

We screen, train, and certify every Care Companion that we place. Our unique training program is built upon the M.A.P.S. Navigation program, the proprietary caregiver education system created by our founder Dr. Annette Childs.

The M.A.P.S. Navigation system of care is based on the premise that comfort based care techniques paired with practical problem solving are the most powerful tools to use when seeking to provide effective compassionate care.

Our Caregivers are trained to:

M.     Manage Symptoms

A.      Alleviate Suffering

P.      Provide Companionship

S.       Support Autonomy