A few weeks ago I wrote about the loss of my cousin. It was a hard time for our family not just because of the loss, but because the timing of her death occurred just a few days before her daughter’s wedding. The honeymoon that followed had delayed the timing of the memorial service and it was on this past Monday that family and friends finally re-convened to celebrate a life that had meant so much to us all.

It was a beautiful day and a loving tribute- and as the memorial drew to a close and people began to disperse, I made it a point to go in search of my cousin’s other child. He and I had talked a little bit at his little sister’s wedding a few weeks ago, but it was not the time or place to really say to him what I wanted to. He is a salt of the earth, call them as he sees them kind of young man- and even though I knew this, I had some words from the heart I had to speak to him.

He had been a phenomenal support to his mom in her last months. She herself had told me how much it meant to her to have her son by her side during her illness. He had taken time off of work to be with her, he had driven her to and from doctor’s appointments,  he had cleared out a room in his home so that she could come and stay with him whenever she wanted or needed to, and most of all, he had talked with her, he had listened to her, and he had loved her.

I have been in the end of life field for many years- and I know what a powerful  medicine the time he gave to his momma was. It is the kind of medicine that takes away pain. It validates-it forgives-it acknowledges. And this powerful end of life medicine that he gave her- is not a given… many leave this world without it…. And conversely, many of us say good bye to loved ones without ever being able to give it…

He had been an angel when his Mom needed one- and I told him so.

He heard me out and grinned widely. ‘Maybe that’s why she helped me pick out that song for Grandma ?’  With that introductory sentence, he launched into a story that truly warmed my heart and exemplified every good thing I believe about this Universe.

In the week prior to the memorial gathering his Grandma (my Aunt)  had given him the responsibility of finding the perfect tribute song to play in honor of his mom. He had apparently gathered together some songs he thought would work, and when he let his Grandma listen to them, she quickly informed him that none of them were quite right.  Not knowing how he was ever going to find the perfect song, while sitting right there with his Grandma, he picked up his phone and launched a Hail Mary pass to the Universe…  ‘Siri, What song does my Grandma need me to find?’

Siri gave it a moment’s thought and then responded with this suggestion

And everything about the song  chosen- word for word- could not be more perfect.

He may have asked the question to Siri but I am sure it was an angel who answered.