Angel of Earth and Sky

Remember that miracles are your birthright, but they can be seen only with they eyes of the soul.

 That quote is from my book ‘Lit from Within’ and truly captures how I see the world. I do believe that miracles are our birthright- and I believe that they exist around us en masse every day, if we simply have the eyes to see them. Today’s graphic is one of those little miracles that I got to enjoy this week.

 As I have mentioned before, we are in the midst of moving into a new home- I have many emotions about this. The walls of the home we are leaving have seen us through ten years of life; giving us shelter as we brought a new life into the world and opening its doors so that two other lives could make their way into young adulthood. There are memories both bitter and sweet that we leave there- and a few hopes and dreams that we never seemed able to attain there. The boxes are now packed and the movers are scheduled-it will be just days until we call a new place our home.

 Last Wednesday as I got ready to leave for work, stretched across the sky above our current home was a giant cloud that looked to me, just like an angel’s wing. It was stunning- and I quickly snapped a picture of it knowing that in a moments time the winds would shift and the vision would be lost. As a got into my car to leave I tossed up a little wish to the Universe- asking for the other half of those wings to somehow show up at our new home- there could be no better welcome mat that the universe could throw out to us.

Over the next few days, we visited our new home several times. I kept an eye to the sky looking for the reciprocal angel wing, but it was not to be found. Then on Sunday night I was puttering around what will be my new kitchen. I was hard at work trying to figure out which roll out I was going to place my pots and pans in – when my eyes fell upon it- right there in grain of my rustic kitchen cabinets was a perfect angel wing- and not a small one either.  Of course I got my camera out and started snapping pictures- so that I could prove to myself that we had a match.

I have the best husband in the world. As he stood there watching me get giddy over a gnarled spot in the cabinet, he never even asked me to explain, because he knew I was in my private little world of miracles.  He has learned to trust that even though he does not see the world in the same way that I do…. when my world fills with miracles, his does too.

What would just be a cloud and some twisted wood to most, is an angel of earth and sky to me… arriving to bless both our leaving of the old, and our arrival into the new. I don’t expect anyone else to see my quirky world in the same way that I do, but remember….that miracles are your birthright, but they can be seen only with the eyes of the soul.