Always a Way!


There is always a way!

Today’s graphic is a great symbol for these first days of Spring- a reminder that there is always a way!!

The image itself reminds me of one of the best Ah-Ha! Moments I have ever had. EVER.

The moment occurred many years ago during a very hard time in my life. I was out on a walk contemplating the next phase of my journey when I saw a beautiful green plant poking up out of the asphalt, much like the one in today’s graphic.

I sat down and really took a good hard look at it- aligning myself with that tender green shoot and empathizing with its effort at trying to emerge from under the asphalt.

As I stared down at the asphalt, I asked out loud to the Universe ,

”Why is it always SO HARD TO PUSH THROUGH?? Why does growth have to be so hard??”

The answer I got- which I heard as clearly as if someone were standing next to me, completely turned the tables on my thinking.

In a nutshell, what I heard the Universe say was this:

‘You are not the tender green shoot, I AM. It is YOUR inability to give way that hinders my efforts to assist YOU! 

Oh Em Gee!!! I was the asphalt- and The Universe and its benevolence – these were the tender green shoots…..continually trying to push up through the heaviness of my own mis-perceptions.

I still get a little giddy when I remember this. These words contained totally foreign knowledge – knowledge that was diametrically opposed to my own ‘I have to work hard and struggle’ mentality and sense of burden at trying to push through my obstacles. I have never doubted that the words in this momentary conversation with the Universe-  came from a higher mind than my own… but I still catch myself engaged in the struggle of growth more often than I would like….

Now whenever I see a tender green shoot trying to poke through the asphalt, I smile at this memory, and immediately go to work on softening myself- to the tender ways of the Universe.

We can be hard, and the Universe may be tender, but there is always a way!