Annette holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has been a licensed psychotherapist for more than 25 years and is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association. In 2010 she was named a Fellow in Thanatology, Grief and Bereavement and in 2020 she completed an Advanced Practice Certificate from California State University Shiley Institute for Palliative Care.

Her on-going commitment to caregiver education is changing the way we understand and care for the aging and those facing life limiting illness. Her informed care plans and caregiver placement services allow families to navigate long term care needs in a way that honors the natural arc of aging while remaining in the home environment.

I have taken several trainings from Annette. Her courses on caring for the aging and those at the end of life  are informative and on point with out being depressing. Quite the opposite, her information and ability to convey a tough topic is soothing, enlightening and hopeful. We will all face this issue one day and I find Annette to be a very good teacher who, in my opinion wants, to alleviate the fear we have regarding this topic and she does it well.”

– Candace, MFT

when it comes to the nature, nurture and healing of people. She brings compassion, love, caring and kindness to every life she touches. I am thankful every day for the lessons and love she has taught me about me and my journey in life.”

– Renee

and writings of Dr. Annette Childs, Ph.D. Recently Dr. Childs counseled me with regard to my Mother, who has dementia. I have since read her books and exposed myself to the body of her work. I find her compassion and insight into life transition extraordinary; and her ability to support those in crisis enormously comforting! If you are looking for a source to support you and your loved ones, especially in matters of illness, age, and death and dying, I highly recommend Annette.”

– Patricia

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