Wisdom and Knowledge . . .

Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day. Zen Proverb
The other day I wrote about the fact that I am working toward weaving together my two great loves; academia and mysticism. I was not kidding…
Right now, by day I am busy putting together curriculum that could be called ‘Mysticism 101’ (think Ritual, Divination, Energy, Vibration….) and by night…. I am enrolled in a Post Graduate program. It is the first time I have been an official ‘college student’ in 25 years. (Granted it is virtual college, but college none the less…)
Needless to say, given my new ‘University Student’ status, today’s quote is my mantra… I repeat it between my anxiety attacks and bouts of self doubt….
Back in the day, college was my element. I loved everything about school-from Bachelors through Ph.D., it was my happy place…. Well…. suffice it so say, that carefree girl who had the academic world by the proverbial balls 25 years ago, has left the building.
HOLY CRAP!!! I am struggling to even navigate the first cyber module, let alone learn anything and pass a test. And all of my classmates… well they seem so young and fresh… and through no fault of their own, intimidating …. My solace right now is that it is only a nine month long program.
This is all so humbling- and really, for that reason alone, so awesome.
As an author and a therapist, I have spent a good deal of time in the world of ‘Wisdom’ where I get to ‘gather up and give away’ to others. It has been a good path in so many ways… and it most certainly has included learning…. but casual learning (on my terms) is very different than structured learning on a University’s terms….
Indeed, Wisdom and Knowledge are two very different things and I am more aware of and in reverence of this than ever before.
Where in your world right now do you give away the gift of your Wisdom? And where in your world are you making room for Knowledge? #mommaisamystic #mommatrynabeascholartoo #thisishard #knowledgeandwisdom

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  1. Oh, this is so good and so like you to step into the discomfort and share the experience so beautifully so that we might see your bravery and get courageous too!❤️

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